For anyone who wasn’t already aware, I am worth immersing in. And for those who don’t recognize, Who try to drown me In their detached, weary, disheartening, Sonofabitch of a reality, Immerse in me. And run your fingertips through my soul, So that you … Continue reading Immerse.

Sounds of the Artificial World

99% Invisible is a podcast by Roman Mars, discusses how important the sounds that accompany our technical devices truly are. Many people take their devices for granted and they do not pay close attention to how much work and thought was put into the creation that they use with such frequency. In fact, Mars notes that without all the beeps, charms, and sonic feedback none of the devices we use would be as comprehendable. The sounds is what helps our brain understand that a task has been accomplish or a function has officially been toggled. It is something that we have grown accustomed to over time. Now, without it, there would be no satisfaction in utilizing these gadgets. According to the podcast, “If a device and its sounds are designs correctly, it creates a special theater of the mind that users completely buy into.” The same way that people find their voice in a room, these electronics’ sounds must match exactly what they are. The podcast features Sound Designer, Jim McKee to better explain what sounds are more suitable. The audience learns that the more organic and natural the sound is, the more likely people are going to believe it to be appropriate for the electronic gadget that they are using. Everything works together and if it didn’t, it would no longer be as desirable of a product. Too many people overlook the importance of the sounds on their devices, yet a world without such sounds would be extremely unimaginable.